Love under the beats, growing with love

— Sing Street review

Posted by Joy on September 10, 2017

Recommended by my friends, I watched the movie ‘Sing Street’ this Saturday. If you asked me how did I find that movie, I would give 9 out of 10. It was a unforgettable movie that was setting under eight’s beat and telling about teenage love, dream chasing and family.

The story was happened when Connor was trying to approach to a Girl, Raphina, on street by inviting her to starring in his band video. By that time, he didn’t even have a band. To his surprise, Raphina accepted his invitation. Then Conner and his friends decided to form a band in order to deliver his commitment to that Raphina. The following plots developed by the relationship changes between Connor and Raphina and the all the songs created by the band.

I love the opening ending of this movie: Connor and Raphina was on their boat to London and chasing after their dream. It did not tell you what is going on then and what will happen to them. Audience can use their imaginary to create their own version of this story. Just like our life, everything is unpredictable, we would know what will happen until the timing come.

Also, the love between Connor and Raphine reminds me of my teenage love. It was so pure that it seems like it won’t happen in adults world. Not like adults love which to some extent weighs by some material factors, teenage love was only related to the feelings and connections to each other.

If you like musics and want to find a good movie to spend your weekend, I would highly recommend Sing Street to you. This movie would inspire you a lot more than me regarding chasing after dream, teenage love or even rock music in Eighties.

Because it is a music movie, all the songs are amazing. At last, I would link my favourite song in this movie — To find you. And all song tracks can be also find in Spotify.