Why I decided to be a vegan

The biggest change in my life so far

Posted by Joy on August 22, 2017

I made up my mind to be a vegan about one month ago. All my friends and family members who know I made this change were curious and could not understand my motivation.

In retrospect, I had jump on bandwagon many times and tried many different types of diet, like keto diet, Atkin diet, Paleo diet, copenhagen diet, you name it. And as a meat lover, I never understand why people could give up meat, eggs and dairy products and I could not imagine one day I would turn to be a vegan either.

Life is full of changes, isn’t it. As the biggest meat lover among my friends, I thought it would be very hard at the beginning. However, it turns out it is the best diet I have ever tried and I am so glad that I made the right choice.

It is all because a documentary recommended by my lovely flatmate who also is a new vegan. It is produced by Netflix and it’s called “What the health”. This documentary arguably demonstrate the benefit of adopting plant-based diet(AKA vegan diet) and the health impact of meat and dairy products consumption. People are easily influence by this type of documentation which provided much persuasive evidence from public organization or authorities.

Unfortunately, I didn’t buy the main ideas it is selling, such as Eating one egg equals to having FIVE cigarettes. No matter what kind of diet, having a balanced diet and food variety is alway a key to maintain health. But, it did change my thoughts on the way of choosing food. I remember one of the arguments the film brought up,

Energy decreases as you move trough the bottom to the top of the food chain. Eating meat would waste six times more energy compare to the same amount of energy as plants provided.

That simple, succinct fact shocked me. As a eco-friend advocator, I could not believe that I could neglect this important reality. Eating plant-based food is not only related to animal life, it is, for me at least, more important for our human being’s sustainable life.

I admitted that simple sentence changed my mind and I started an entire different new way of eating. I cleaned my pantries and filled up with non-animal food. I started paying more time and attention on food labels just to avoid any milk or egg consumption. It was hard for the first two days, but after I went through the first week, my feeling changed and started feeling happy and the urge of eating meat just gone.

I know it sounds so untrue to believe and I am not convinced either. That is why I set a 6 months timeframe to let my body to get used to it. After 6 months, I will review my reaction to vegan diet both in physical and emotional and then I will decide if I will live with veganism my life time.