Want kids to learn well?

Feed them well

Posted by Joy on July 13, 2017

I saw this headline on podcast and it intrigues a lot about the content. It turns out to be a TED speech which was filmed on November 2015.

The main idea about this speech is about how nutrition intake influences the performance of students. And one of the data impressed me a lot is the students’ performance could increase 20% compared to before if they are fed by nutritious food. 20%!!!

It reminds me of a very famous quote:

You are what you eat.

I heard this quote is several years ago when I joined gym for the first time. Because people who are experienced told me that eating healthy played the main part if you want to get good results. Since then, I changed my eating habit and started eating healthy and balance diet. From a micro point view, human body is made up of cells and all cells need materials to build up and generate new cells. So, where are the materials come from?

The only answer is what you put into your mouth. Your body need good nutritions to maintain your activities. It is a quite simple mechanism: “Good in, good out; garbage in, garbage out.”

After watching this video, I learned that feeding with good food not only impact on your health condition, it’s also change your performance. No matter you are still a student or not, you should always choose healthy food.

To be honest, after I came to New Zealand, I started realise that why stay fit and healthy is a signal of “wealth” and “well-educated”. First, health food is comparatively more expensive. If you can always eat healthy veggies, fruits, organic products, it means you can spend more money on food. Second, if you have a fit and toned body, it is a signal that you are a well-disciplined person and had better income to afford your gym fee. So, as you can see, people who earned more money have more chance to life a healthier lifestyle.

But from my point view, living a healthy life or not is totally a personal choice. Set me as an example, I don’t get paid well, but I am willing to spend much money on what I eat and gym. I know it is kind of investment. Investment on my body, my appearance and most importantly on my brain. Money is not the ultimate goal for me right now, cultivating the ability to earning more money is.

So, back to my headline now, I wanna say:

Wanna live a richer life? Feed yourself well.