Hola! It is Nerdsexy here :

Just another energetic life-long learner to wants to be a lifehacker.

Hi, I am Joy. I’m a marketer who is addicted to the digital world. I built this blog to record my thoughts, study notes and share awesome ideas. The blog will help me grow and lead me to the next progression in my life. My motto in life is to constantly evolve Keep learning and hack all the challenges I face in life.

I previously worked at Embraco as marketing management trainee, then joined a start-up team at China.com, responsible for hi-tech wearable device’s product marketing analysis and branding. Then, I got a chance to come to New Zealand working as a marketing coordinator for a private education provider, responsible for marketing research, analysis and social media.

My major was not in Marketing when I was at university. But my passion and working experience proved my capability in the marketing field. I am constantly up skilling in marketing online via Coursera and obtained related certificates. You can check my Linkedin profile to see what I have learned and what I know about marketing.

  • Reading, focus on Psychology and Neuroscience (both benefit my profession and daily life)
  • Coding(Yeah, you are right. I am big fan of programming. and I am learning python for now.)
  • Cooking, who doesn’t love delicious food 🍱🥞🥘

Thank you for stumbling upon to my blog, I hope you could grasp some useful information one day and may be we could be friends in the future. 😘